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We use organic, non-toxic cleaning products.

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Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery

Fire & Water Damage

Fire damage means smoke covering your home in soot.  Water damage means your carpets, rugs and furniture will be waterlogged. Don’t panic! Call Manhattan Carpet Cleaners - we’ll have our crisis response team at your home as soon as possible to ensure that order is restored promptly.

A fire or flood doesn’t have to ruin your furniture and carpeting. If prompt action is taken, most items can be salvaged and restored. Don‘t assume you’ll have to replace expensive wall to wall carpeting, area rugs or expensive upholstered furniture before you’ve let our experts take a look!

- Water extraction:  We can safely and effectively extract standing water from within your home, preventing it from further soaking your carpeting and furniture. Manhattan Carpet Cleaners has the equipment and expertise needed to get rid of water and insects/microorganisms that quickly move in. 

- Smoke and fire:  Manhattan Carpet Cleaners can easily get rid of stains on carpets and drapes, as well as smoky residue and odors. We also  deodorize mattresses and wall hangings!

- Mold and mildew: The deadly duo, especially for family members with respiratory problems or asthma. We can deep clean and get rid of bacteria that can cause breathing difficulties, making your home safe once more.

- Sewer Problems: Possibly even worse than flood and fire, nasty sewage back-ups in your home can leave you feeling violated. Don’t worry. Your home can be made clean and sanitary again - just call Manhattan Carpet Cleaners and we’ll take care of everything.

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..I never know how dirty my rug was until your tech guy came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable. Now my rug looks like so much better...

Debora Loury, Upper East Side
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