Commercial Cleaning

Unlike residences, carpeting in commercial buildings quickly becomes dirty due to high traffic. Entries quickly become matted and grimy and ’tracks’ form down the center of hallways.

Don’t worry!  Manhattan Carpet Cleaners also operates commercial carpet cleaning service.  Our equipment effectively handles larger premises, such as hotels, office buildings, and other venues when extra power and time is needed to keep facilities looking clean and inviting. 

Scheduled cleaning makes carpets look freshly installed 

When commercial carpet cleaning is scheduled as part of routine maintenance, the life of your carpet can be significantly increased. Our professional crews use cutting-edge cleaning equipment and organically-based compounds to effectively clean and disinfect without leaving behind harsh chemicals.

When dirt is prevented from building up, your carpets will look like new, with no matting or tracks. We get rid of dust mites, mold and mildew safely and efficiently, making our services an excellent choice for for daycare centers, medical facilities and food preparation venues.  

Save money by cleaning instead of replacing

A monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly cleaning schedule can add years to the life of your carpet, as well as keeping your building looking well-maintained and clean. We offer discounts for ongoing service contracts and buildings with large areas to be cleaned.  
Call us and take us for a test drive by setting up a cleaning today!