Organic Cleaning

Say no to harsh chemicals

We care about our health, and that of our kids and pets.  We also care about the long-term future of the planet.  So making a choice to ‘go green’ is the natural thing to do – and it all starts in the home.  And when it comes to carpet cleaning, the dangers of using traditional products are increasingly clear – exposure to them can provoke allergies, skin irritations and even aggravate serious asthma.  It’s time to say no to these harsh chemicals!

100% organic

Manhattan Carpet Cleaners think there is a solution.  It’s called organic cleaning.  We know that excellent cleaning isn’t dependent on these products, and we also know that green cleaning will make a positive difference in your life.  That is why we’re completely committed to using only 100% organic products when we clean.  They are tough on soil and dirt, do an incredible job and also safeguard the health of your kids and pets.  

Stains out!

Green products are incredibly efficient.  In fact, we guarantee that the will remove the most deeply embedded stains – blood, grease, chocolate, red wine, even oil and rust – not a problem!  Even better, there will be no sticky residues left behind, because they’re made of completely natural ingredients (often things you can find in your home even, like baking soda, vinegar, lemon and salt).

Better than ever!

 We guarantee you that our organic cleaning methods will make sure your they smell fresh and look clean, they will also be free from dust mites and nasty pet smells.  You will be able to breathe more easily and your home will look so much better!  There’s no doubt about it – green cleaning is the way to go.  And with our dedicated and dependable technicians, the job we carry out can be done with no disruption to your daily life.

We guarantee that once you ‘go green’ you’ll never want to go back!  Call us now to find out more about how we can help you.