Info & Tips

Manhattan Carpet Cleaners believes quality carpet care depends on educating our customers. Carpet that is properly cared for inbetween visits lasts longer and is easier to clean! You can make your wall to wall carpeting, area rugs and even upholstered furniture last for years by following a few simple practices, listed here below:

Wall to Wall Carpeting:

- Clean twice a year

- Attend to spills or stains quickly 

- Keep spot remover on hand

- Vacuum daily in high traffic areas, bi-weekly in bedrooms and upper floors.

- Call Manhattan Carpet Cleaners if you see a tear or if your carpet begins to ‘rumple’

Area Rugs

- Clean at least once a year

- Clean entry rugs twice a year

- Turn rugs annually to reduce uneven wear and tear

Upholstered Furniture

- Use slipcovers to protect from pets

- Use arm and headrest covers to minimize body oil transfer

-      Clean furniture yearly if possible

All carpeting, rugs and furniture can be protected with stain treatments to minimize stains and odors from penetrating fibers. This can keep your home looking great inbetween scheduled cleanings, and make early replacement unnecessary.