Why should I trust your company?

Well, for starters, Manhattan Carpet Cleaners guarantees all of its work 100%, and every single one of our technicians is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are fully committed to giving you the highest-quality cleaning experience without using harmful chemicals. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our organic, customer-friendly carpet cleaning and restoration service!

Do organic cleaning agents really work? Or is this a gimmick?

No gimmick! We use organic compounds made of certifiably-safe ingredients that work together to trap dirt and grime and extract cleanly, leaving behind no toxic residues. Result? A clean, soft carpet that your pets and kids can play on without irritated skin or heavy chemical odors.  Our machines push the solutions deeply into your carpet, then just as powerfully suck them out again, so all that is left is clean, fresh-smelling floors.

How soon can I walk on my carpet? 

Within 2-4 hours, you can walk in socks or soft slippers on your carpet. Total drying takes about 6-24 hours, depending on the humidity. If we apply fabric protection, you may want to spend some hours out doing errands before walking on your carpet.   This will let the treatment set and make sure as much drying as possible take place.

How many times a year should I schedule cleanings?

Twice a year is best. If you clean in the spring you can get rid of the stains left from dirt or mud being tracked in during the winter, and a fall cleaning will deal with stains from when kids are out of school for the summer.  This is the schedule recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers.  

What about my furniture? It’s heavy! 

Taken care of! Our team also moves and replaces all of your furniture - we shift it carefully out of the way to allow for a cleaning of every inch of carpet, then put it back again before we leave! You don’t have to move a thing.

Can you clean my furniture, too? 

Yes! Ask us how you can bundle our professional carpet, upholstery, drape and rug cleaning services together. You’ll save money and your entire house will look like it just got a make-over.  

What about rugs? 

We pick up your rugs when needed and whisk them off for cleaning and / or repair. Our delivery service is free - and again, we’ll move your furniture if needed to get your rug out and put it back in. Ask about rug cleaning discounts with a full house carpet cleaning!

What about pet ’accidents’? 

Our organic cleaning methods counteract stubborn pet odors and stain, deodorizing and eliminating residues. If you attend to accidents promptly and call us as soon as possible, we can virtually erase the telltale signs. When your carpet is treated with a protective stain blocker, you will also be able to wipe stains off the surface and not even worry about odors between visits! 

My carpet has a bleach stain here - and a tear there. Can you help? 

Yes! We can attempt to match the dye color in cases of bleach spots or fading, and if that isn’t possible we’ll simply replace a small section of your carpet. We also replace sections with rips, tears or worn spots, seaming it invisibly so you can’t even tell where the old carpet starts and the new one begins!

Will I really be happy with your organic cleaning services? 

Lets put it this way, we are so sure you’ll never go back to traditional carpet cleaning after trying our organic cleaning services, that we offer you this guarantee:  If you are not 100% satisfied, call us immediately and we‘ll make it right. We believe firmly in our safe, organic cleaning compounds, our modern, state-of-the-art equipment and our professional, respectful technicians.