Carpet Cleaning

 Go green, and save your sinuses! 

We at Manhattan Carpet Cleaners believe that cleaning can be carried out without toxic chemicals. Our state-of-the art equipment and safe, organic solutions deep clean your carpet, and extract dirt easily, leaving your carpet soft and residue free. As a result, your carpet looks better than ever!

Clean twice a year for optimal results

Clean your carpets in the spring and fall, and you’ll see them last longer and look almost new for years!  The same goes for your furniture and area rugs; cleaning regularly keeps them looking good and lasting longer. And with our organic cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about your family being exposed to build up of toxic chemicals over time!

What does your carpet need?

Carpet cleaning services involve several methods, depending on the type of carpeting and level of soil. Our technicians will determine the best method and discuss with you exactly what you can expect, but here’s an overview:

Water Free Dry Cleaning: For lightly-soiled, delicate carpeting, where use of water is not a good idea, we can use special machines to work a powder gently into your carpet to trap dirt. Then we will suck it away with our extremely powerful vacuums, leaving your carpet soft, fluffy and soil-free.

High Power Steam Cleaning:  If any of your family members have asthma or allergies, or if you have pets in the home, you may need to work on getting rid of dust mites, spores, and micro-organisms that cause respiratory distress. Manhattan Carpet Cleaners can force steam down into the deepest fibers of your carpet, cleaning and sterilizing it, then vacuum away dead mites, pet hair, and all other debris for a fresh, dust fee carpet

Traditional Shampooing:  When you have heavily-soiled carpet, due to weather conditions, children or pets, a thorough shampooing is in order. Unlike most carpet companies, we use a non-toxic solution that scrubs away stains and gets rid of ingrained dirt, then rinses away cleanly so no chemicals linger in your carpet.  Our powerful extracting machines remove 99% of the moisture immediately, meaning a short drying time so you can get back to your life quickly!

Organic solutions are just as good at cleaning

In fact, they are better, since many chemical compounds leave residue behind on every clean, making build up over time that can dull carpet and leave unpleasant odors.

We believe that once you have tried organic carpet cleaning, you’ll never use traditional methods again. Call us for an estimate, and see how clean and fresh organic methods can leave your carpet and your home!

Not only do organic and green solutions remove dirt and grime, they can rid your home of:

- Allergens

- Pet hair and odor

- Harmful bacteria

- Microorganisms

When you put your trust in Manhattan Carpet Cleaners, you leave behind worries about harmful chemicals being left in your carpet or upholstery that can irritate your skin. 

Our experts can quickly and efficiently clean and disinfect,  while you relax knowing your home and your health are in good hands!